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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what a nomination is, how to cast your vote effectively, or what you need to participate in the political process? Our FAQs provide clear and informative answers to these pressing questions and more. We believe in empowering voters with knowledge, and our FAQ section is designed to demystify the political realm, making it accessible to everyone.

What is a political nomination?

A political nomination is the process by which a political party selects its official candidate to represent the party in a specific electoral district (riding) during a federal election. It's a critical step in the democratic process, as it determines who will carry the party's banner in a given riding.

How can I vote in this nomination?

Only Conservative Party of Canada members in our riding are eligible to vote. These individuals must have joined the party by a specified deadline to be considered party members and have voting privileges. ​

To become a member, send an email to to be provided the membership form or a link to register your membership.

How can I become a candidate for a federal election nomination?

To become a candidate, you typically need to join a political party of your choice. Most parties have membership fees and a specific process for selecting candidates, which often involves submitting an application, gathering signatures from party members in the riding, and adhering to party guidelines and rules.

What is a nomination meeting, and how does it work?

A nomination meeting is an event where party members in a riding vote to select their candidate. Candidates often have an opportunity to speak and present their platforms to party members before the vote takes place. The candidate who receives the most votes wins the nomination.

What are the rules and regulations for campaign financing and spending?

Elections Canada enforces strict rules on campaign financing, contributions, and spending limits. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to ensure compliance, as violations can result in penalties or disqualification.

What happens when someone wins a nomination?

If you win the nomination, you become the official candidate for your chosen political party in the federal election. You will campaign vigorously to win the riding in a general election and, if successful, represent it in the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament (MP).


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